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Drew Henry salon&gallery ONE YEAR Anniversary/Art Show!

Drew Henry is a full service hair salon & art gallery. The salon has become quite the power house; specializing in but not limited to color,hair cuts, natural hair and formal styles. We also offer texture services, hair extension services and facial waxing. Drew Henry’s stylists welcome men, women and children. We offer a number of professional products. We work by appointment and also take walk-ins during normal business hours. The gallery hosts local artists every 30-90 days.

We recently hit our 1 year mark of operation and want to celebrate with everyone who has helped us through our first year!

We will be celebrating on 2.11.12 from 6-10pm
bites.drinks.ART.music by DVDN.

Marcis Curtis
“I draw the epiphanies my mind creates in an effort to bring them more clarity and resonance. The spaces I create are thought-experiments of cultural norms and currents, interacting with the omnipresent force of nature. I enjoy the absurd, the irrational, and the intuitive, while trying to maintain a grounded, skeptical perspective.”

Evan Michael

Evan Michael Honerkamp is native to Saint Louis, Missouri. He spent his adolescence surrounded by mentally, physically, and socially handicapped individuals, with whom interactions have led to key insights into innumerable worlds of obsession, idiosyncratic communication, and vivid sensation. Continuing these relationships has melded his artwork into the fantastical and stylized forms of current. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Webster University. Earning additional certification in art therapy, he has begun extending his creative practice to benefit the autistic community before broadening to include the incarcerated population and victims of trauma and addiction.

Tom Cline

Tom Cline is an undergraduate at Webster University. He is a BFA candidate in his senior year, with an emphasis in printmaking. Tom’s prints explore the idea of human burdens, represented by depictions of heavily-layered, amorphous forms. Drawn from his own experiences, these forms become stand-ins for the feeling of being borne down under the weight of responsibility. Though massive, these weights are supported tenaciously by representations of the frail, yet unfailing, body. The prints resonate with the shared experience of all humanity’s burdens, and the continuous struggle against them.

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