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Stractlyfe New Paintings, Drawings an& Objects From 18andCounting

Stractlyfe New Paintings, Drawings an& Objects From 18andCounting

StractLyfe, Sept. 6th at Drew Henry salon&gallery is
Stan Chisholm’s homage to 2013, TheUglyYear

The past has seen Chisholm’s filtration of St. Louis and whatever other planets there are through “Oneliner” text sculptures, interactive installations, conceptual cartooning, large scale murals, dada rap, culture-clashing DJ sets, collage-drawings, watercolor, etc…

These new works are about hard graphics, rotten lands,
and the infinite.

Chisholm’s currently feeling more deadly, now that his hair’s heavy.

Opening Reception:
Drew Henry salon&gallery
2309 Cherokee Street
Music by Mr. Ben